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Evelyne Ferreira

Performance Coach

With close to a decade of experience working in Marketing, Events and Sales for the National Basketball Association, combined with a burning passion for exploring the world, Evy has developed a deep understanding of the challenges the business world can face when dealing with cross-cultural departments and offices. Her clients are entrepreneurs based throughout Europe, and her coaching signature is defined by the synergy of executive coaching, life coaching and neuro-linguistic programming tools.

Evy is the conscious, uplifting, reassuring yet motivating guide that I was searching for. She'll wisely and patiently make you come to the right conclusions and decisions yourself, acting as the inside voice everybody need, helping you reach your higher self step by step. of course I recommend!

Maria, Video director Fashion industry (Italy)

Amazing service and attention!
Evy is a born talent who knows how to uncover potential and help you redefine your limitations. Great professional with her personal touch that makes the experience unique.

Steffen, Management Consultant (Germany)

I found Evy in a period of my life where I felt really stuck and I have to say that with her coaching sessions I made significant and quick improvements in many aspects of my life. She really helped me find my own answers and conclusions, to have my head clear. With the work we have done together, I've managed to unblock my mental barriers, start believing more in myself and also very important, to 'unlearn' the limited thought patterns that were dragging me down. Thank you Evy for your help during this path in my life and your valuable teachings!

Susana, Creative Designer (Spain)

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