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Julien Picot

Performance Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Tennis coach on the Pro Tour for nearly 20 years (worked one on one with J.Konta WTA 4, A.Panova WTA 71, S.Beltrame WTA 34, , and currently with K.Swan WTA 163), Julien understood a long time ago that performance is linked from start to finish with an effective mental approach. He has spent years learning (and keeps learning!) how to help athletes perform at their best and has graduated to a life and business coaching certification. For the last few years, he has helped high-performing managers, leaders, singers, teachers through coaching, training and conferences.

Self-confidence, personal development, self-knowledge, defining your needs and your goal; All of this is what working with Julien brought to me through our sessions. I made a lot of progress in areas that I thought were locked forever. The process in finding a clear goal allows real self-work to occur and instils the ability to refocus ourself on our essential interests and values.
Thanks to Julien PICOT for his guidance which helped me to grow.

Sebastien S, Manager

I really benefit from the mental work I do with Julien because it is very specific to the way I like to learn and understand things. Each conversation we have is always positive but also challenging and I learn a lot about myself. He is a great mental coach because he is tough and makes me think and work hard but is very encouraging at the same time.

Katie Swan, Pro tennis player

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