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Benjamin Baroukh-Ebstein

Mental Edge Coach & Executive Coach

Born with a martial arts fever, Ben has travelled the world for years and is now based in Paris. Originating from the financial markets industry as a derivatives broker, Ben decided to manage the career of several MMA athletes as a side hobby, that led him to discover his core passion and is now a highly recognized Mental Coache in martial arts. He works with High performers and several MMA world champions, Grand Slam winners, European champions and national champions in BJJ, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo and Boxing.

Benjamin has helped me to generate what I will call ""intelligent performance"". He has allowed me to find answers by myself which made me aware of certain mistakes. He got me hooked to this approach which is now gradually becoming automatic.

Reda M

Benjamin started to coach me after several defeats in competition. He coached me once a week and after just a few months I saw a difference in my mind. At the end of that same season I finished 25th in the world out of more than 3000 competitors. Even today, Ben keeps coaching me helping me to reduce stress, misunderstanding or doubts. Benjamin helps me find answers through our work.

Alex C

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