What is the
Global Performance Index?

The Global Performance Index is a holistic assessment to fast track and measure high-performance coaching

  • Fast track to the core of who you are - in one session
  • Experience a holistic approach: Mind – Body – Heart – Spirit
  • Measure the impact of your coaching
mind - growth


Growth – how you can develop yourself and achieve your full potential

body - well being


Wellbeing – how well you are treating yourself and preparing your physical self for high performance

heart - relationships


Relationships – how well you are connected with others who will help you achieve your vision and your legacy

spirit - meaning


Meaning – how deeply you believe and are committed to leaving your mark on the world

Are you an Executive or a high performer?
Your GPI coaching session delivered in three steps

  1. 01 Schedule your coaching session
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    the coach of your choosing
  2. 02 Answer the
    Global Performance Index
  3. 03 Attend a 60-minute free session:
    During this session the coach
    will walk you through your Global Performance Index

Our coaches are highly experienced & have coached many High Performers & Executives. You are in good hands! They will help you pinpoint exactly where you should start focusing to kick off serious changes in your life!