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Elena Sosa

High Performance Psychologist

Elena has been working within the High-Performance industry for the last 15 years as a High Performance Psychologist. Her expertise covers elite athletes, executives, artists, musicians and creative minds. Her focus is not only to improve their mental strength, but also to bring out the best that is hidden within them. Her clientele is broad, with many top 50 WTA players, World Record holders, Premier League football players and internationally renowned musicians and painters having worked with her.

I really enjoyed working with Elena, she was very patient and took the time to listen to me without judgement, only to better understand me and help me become a better athlete and person. I really liked that her work is not only about me as an athlete but about me as a person too. She helped me to understand the type of person I am, what motivates me, what my morals are and what I take pride in and that in turn helps me immensely when under pressure on the court to know exactly who I am and how strong I can be

WTA Player

I began life as a full time tennis player last October and have been working with Elena since almost this time. In the 6 months that we have been working together, the improvements to the mental side of my game have been vast, a success which is a testament to Elena's quality as a sports psychologist. Her approach to this aspect of psychology is very much to act as guide and mentor rather than prescriptive instructor. I find that this method helps me tremendously as a player by making improvements and working out issues in the way that is best catered to myself personally. Elena's experience and knowledge as a mental trainer allow her to gauge the extent to which she must lead sessions or let the player explore their thoughts and emotions and learn about themselves as both athlete and person.

For these reasons I feel stronger and more in control of myself both on and off court after working for this half a year with Elena and look forward to continuing to do so into the future."

Marcus S.H
Professional Tennis Player LTA

Many times, talking to Elena I had the feeling, I was invincible, no matter if she ever defeat, the important thing is that I knew I would get up. Whenever I fall, I grab her hand and forcefully, solutions come, energy …. and I can hear saying to myself: I can!

For getting extraordinary challenges, you must do extraordinary things, ……… think that for excellent teamwork, you must surround yourself with the best people you know.

Toni F. C.
Football Manager Coach

I was looking for a mental coach to improve my game, Elena gave me the right tools and made me feel powerful. My game improved and I am a more confident player now, thanks Elena.

Professional Tennis player ITF

There are times in life when we will feel blind; for a variety of reasons. At these times we may fail to appreciate what it is that is around us and the people that are there. Elena helped me to see through the darkness at a time when I felt exactly this way. She gave me a new version of reality that gave me the strength I needed to change.

She showed me that there was a person inside me whom I did not know; someone who was brave and had the power to change the world around them.

It was the discovery of this person who prompted me to change my path; become an entrepreneur and start a journey into running my own e-commerce site. Thank you Elena!

Begoña N.
Owner of Mamamisol

I‘ve worked together with Elena preparing projects related with sport psychology and coaching.

Elena’s accredited knowledge of sport psychology and wide experience in working with different types of athletes make her an incredible asset for anyone who looks for a partner to work at the sports field.

I have had also the pleasure of witnessing her as a coach and I do not hesitate in recommend her as life or sport coach

Jaume R.
Executive Coach and Partner at CrewXperencie

Elena is one of the most professional people I have ever met. She is serious, reliable and very trustworthy person. I will recommend her to someone who is looking a hardworker, demanding and attentive to collegues and clients.

Success guaranteed.

Giuliano Q.
Secretaria Generale, Udinese Calcio

I went to see Elena because I felt I needed to get more organized in my life. I wanted to becomemore efficient and in turn be more effective in my work. After our sessions, not only I grew in my professional life but I also grew as a person, I become more mature, responsibleand autonomous. I can also say I learned how to enjoy the good times in life. Thanks Elena

José A. J.
Advanced Football Academy, North Carolina, Football Technical Director

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